We love a challenge. We expect to evolve and invent with you.We know that great results depend on great communication, every step of the way.
Our reputation as a global leader in precision optics is built on consistent excellence and innovation. Our scientists, engineers and master opticians draw on decades of experience and a love of what they do. KiwiStar designs and manufactures a wide selection of optical components, multi-element lenses, imaging systems, and optomechanical equipment.
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KiwiStar has over 50 years of international project experience and has created some of the world’s largest lenses for its best telescopes.

We have an extensive track record of optimising designs for the manufacture and integration of high-precision components and opto-mechanical assemblies.

Our experienced team of opto-mechanical engineers is skilled in the use of design, modelling and analysis software such as Zemax, SolidWorks and Ansys.

Our design and specification service involves taking clients’ requirements and creating an optimal solution that meets their individual needs. We work with clients at every stage of this process – right through to manufacture and delivery.

Manufacturing Services

Our facilities include an extensive optical and mechanical workshop as well as state-of-the-art testing laboratories.

This allows us to adopt an agile, “build to print” approach to client work instructions and requirements.

Our advanced metrology capability enables us to produce high-quality, high-precision opto-mechanical elements that meet our customers’ specifications.


Our vacuum coating systems can operate in either Ion-Assisted deposition or Electron-Beam Evaporative Deposition to apply thin film materials on our optics.

The equipment and process ensure high quality coatings are achieved every time.

We can coat glass substrates of various geometric shape and surface profile including spherical, flat, and parabolic mirrors from any size up to 900mm.

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We make high quality mirrors, lenses, prisms, filters, image slicers and turnkey components for spectrographs, telescopes, cameras, wide field correctors and other instrumentation.


Our Processes

We bring together on one site all the optical, quality assurance and engineering expertise and equipment you need. KiwiStar takes pride in helping customers from concept to implementation. Our approach is to work closely with the customer to create cost-effective solutions that meet customer’s specifications, timelines, and budgets.

We treat each project as being unique, where requirements may include a build-to-print custom optical component, we apply expert application engineering to optimize the design, or a completely custom design to customer-supplied requirements, KiwiStar’s engineers can develop optimal solutions for the customer’s unique requirements.

We take pride in our commitment to achieving customer satisfaction by ensuring product and procedural quality.

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KiwiStar Optics Capabilities