Business growth and new opportunities mean that we are always interested in people with skills and experience in design and fabrication of medium-large scale, complex optical systems.

We recruit at all levels, but professionals with high-quality international experience in astronomical instrumentation and systems integration are particularly sought. Our team is small, close-knit and happy, with excellent opportunities for professional growth.

KiwiStar Optics, Scientific careers in New Zealand

What skills are we looking for?

If you are in the optics business and look at our track record of projects, your own experience will indicate what expertise and skills are likely to be the most valuable to us. We focus on design and fabrication of complex optical systems requiring precision assembly and alignment.

Feedback shows that customers also value us for our ability to supply non-standard components, such as lenses or mirrors with a non-circular profile, large prisms, wedged lenses and other special optics.

Working in New Zealand

If you are a New Zealand citizen living overseas, wanting to return home, and continue to work in a field that provides international work and high-level challenges, KiwiStar Optics could be of interest. We are located on the Callaghan Innovation research campus at Gracefield, near Wellington city. 

Wellington, a harbour-side jewel and the country’s cultural capital, is home to many museums, theatres and arts festivals and a leading centre for creative industries. Over one-third of Wellington residents have a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification – the highest proportion in the country.

Current Opportunities