Victoria University degree in Space Science, a world first

By Anthony Young, CapitalNZ News Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington will become the first university in New Zealand to offer Space Science as an undergraduate major, fuelled by increasing interest in a growing national space industry. A focus on ‘near space’ makes it unique internationally. Dr Tulasi Parashar, one of the lecturers […]

KiwiStar Optics Exhibits at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2022

KiwiStar Optics News, KSO team at SPIE 2022

After two years of COVID-19 restrictions, a team from KiwiStar Optics – Dr Andrew Rakich, myself and Dave Cochrane (pictured above) – took to the skies and headed to SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2022 the symposium in Montreal, Canada. This prestigious event, which has the aim of advancing the field of astronomical engineering, attracts the world’s leading commercial and […]

EOS acquires precision optics provider KiwiStar Optics

Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited (EOS) has entered into an agreement with Callaghan Innovation to acquire the assets and hire the personnel of KiwiStar Optics (KSO). Announcing the agreement, Craig Smith, Chief Technology Officer of EOS said, “KiwiStar Optics is a unique global capability and a vital supplier to EOS. As Australian’s largest space company, we are delighted to […]

Revealing the wonders of deep space

KiwiStar Optics News, Revealing the wonders of deep space

More great work occurring between KiwiStar Optics and the Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand (MSL) – New Zealand’s national metrology institute, all under one roof at Callaghan Innovation.

Over the MOON …

KiwiStar Optics News - Over the Moon

As a team we are over the moon about winning the design, manufacture and delivery of two collimator mirrors that form part of the spectrograph sub-systems.

Kiwi optics for a giant scope

Kiwi optics for a giant scope

A New Zealand company that specialises in high-tech optics is taking on the world. Earlier this year KiwiStar Optics produced one of the world’s largest astronomical lenses.


KiwiStar Optics, More VISTA: 4MOST WFC and ADC

We have proudly commenced the 4MOST Optical Lens Fabrication Wide Field Corrector and Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector project.

Maroon-X for the Gemini Observatory

KiwiStar Optics News, Maroon-X for the Gemini Observatory

MAROON-X is a red-optical, high precision radial velocity spectrograph currently nearing completion and undergoing extensive performance testing at the University of Chicago.