Precision Optics

KiwiStar Optics has crafted some of the Earth’s biggest telescope lenses.

We draw on our heritage of over 50-years to deliver the best, on time and on budget. We design, manufacture, and install lenses, optical assemblies, and instruments. Our speciality is customised lenses from 0.25 m to over 1 m in diameter in a wide range of optical glass types. We can work with the largest possible blank sizes.

KiwiStar Optics, Large Precision Optics

Optical Expertise

KiwiStar designs and manufactures a wide selection of optical components, imaging systems, and opto-mechanical assemblies.

We make high quality mirrors, prisms, filters, cameras, image slicers, and turnkey components for spectrographs, telescopes, and other instrumentation.

Our reputation as a global leader in precision optics is built on consistent excellence and innovation. Our scientists, engineers and master opticians draw on decades of experience and a love of what they do.

Our Dedication to Precision Optics

KiwiStar is fully equipped to check the specifications and performance of all mechanical and optical components:

Our Experience

KiwiStar Optics, The Thirty Meter telescope
Case Studies

Thirty Meter Telescope project: manufacture and testing of reference sphere

KiwiStar Optics successfully delivered on a ground-breaking and demanding project to manufacture, polish, and test the largest optical component ever produced in Australasia.

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KiwiStar Optics News, Revealing the wonders of deep space
Case Studies

WEAVE project: manufacturing optical components for Europe’s second largest telescope

The KiwiStar Optics team successfully completed a technically challenging, multi-year project to manufacture, polish and test six lenses (up to 1.1m diameter) required for the William Herschel Telescope’s new prime focus corrector.

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