Spectrograph Solutions

We work in partnership with the client to develop a full turnkey spectrograph solution.

KiwiStar Optics match requirements with the telescope parameters to optimise throughput, stability, and resolution for maximum success. Our resources and facilities provide a full service from design, manufacture, assembly, integration, testing, and quality assurance to ensure a high performing spectrograph.

KiwiStar Optics, Spectrograph Solutions
KiwiStar Optics, Spectrograph Solutions

KiwiStar High Resolution Spectrograph

The KiwiStar High Resolution Spectrograph (KHRS) is a high-resolution echelle spectrograph with excellent radial velocity performance, ideal for the detection of exoplanets.  In collaboration with clients, KiwiStar Optics has developed tailored variations of KHRS to meet specific requirements for resolution, radial velocity stability, wavelength coverage and system efficiency, within the constraints of the telescope specifications. 

The system can achieve resolving power from 20 k to 80 k in visible and near IR spectral range and maximum throughput of up to 65 per cent, while the environmental stability, achieved by vacuum enclosure ensures a radial velocity of less than 1m/sec.

Spectrograph design solutions

Hanle Echelle Spectrograph was developed in partnership with the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) and KiwiStar Optics. The design was matched to IIA’s requirements and telescope performance parameters. KiwiStar Optics manufactured and procured the opto-mechanical components, assembled, and integrated the sub-systems, and completed system testing. The two teams collaborated closely for installation and commissioning in Hanle, India.

Our Experience

KiwiStar Optics, The Thirty Meter telescope
Case Studies

Thirty Meter Telescope project: manufacture and testing of reference sphere

KiwiStar Optics successfully delivered on a ground-breaking and demanding project to manufacture, polish, and test the largest optical component ever produced in Australasia.

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KiwiStar Optics News, Revealing the wonders of deep space
Case Studies

WEAVE project: manufacturing optical components for Europe’s second largest telescope

The KiwiStar Optics team successfully completed a technically challenging, multi-year project to manufacture, polish and test six lenses (up to 1.1m diameter) required for the William Herschel Telescope’s new prime focus corrector.

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